Heidi Doherty

Say Hi to Heidi – Our New Director of Account Management

5IVE is excited to welcome our new Director of Account Management, Heidi Doherty!

Heidi is an energetic, strategic, and intuitive results-driver with over ten years of experience in account management, project management, business development, and media relations. As a team player with strong communication, collaboration, and leadership skills, she identifies areas of strength and weakness, implements ideas, and develops processes and procedures that optimize project efficiency and growth. In her free time, Heidi is passionate about music, travel and exploring different cultures. She’s visited five continents and over twenty-five countries.

Learn a little more about Heidi from these 5 questions with 5IVE’s newest hire…

1 – What are you most excited about at 5IVE?

The level of work that 5IVE produces is top-notch. Our strategy development and creative process is unique, and I believe powerful, compared to a larger agency. We dig deep and really get to know our clients and their brands. 5IVE helps build strategies and provides clients with a creative process that cultivates brand image and creates positive momentum. We work with clients whose missions really align with my values. It feels great to believe in a client, and to help a 5IVE client achieve their goals.

In addition, 5IVE is a woman-owned agency. It’s both empowering and inspiring to work in an environment that encourages equality and embraces leadership for women in the advertising industry.

2 – Why did you choose to join a small team?

I love being on a team where collaboration is the name of the game, and I like to be nimble. 5IVE really allows me to take the time to provide a client with super-service. Building strong relationships is so important to me, and at a smaller agency I’m able to spend a lot of time truly understanding a client’s goals and needs. I believe in clients that are eager to work with a smaller shop because 5IVE can move fast, make adjustments, and give deeper insight into their brands and businesses.

Working at a smaller agency also gives me a chance to get to know all of the team members. At 5IVE, people are both talented and thoughtful. As a bonus, it’s fun to grab a cocktail together at the end of a successful week.

3 – What is the future of brands?

Strong connections to other people. Authentic and trustworthy. No more fake news. People will be motivated by socially driven causes, and brands will engage with the idea of contributing to make a better, more peaceful world. Like famous and trusted brands of simpler times, new and existing brands with empathy and a human touch will establish loyalty to sustain meaningful connections with their consumers.

As Director of Accounts and Project Management at 5IVE, a brand experience agency, I’m excited to help lead a team that focuses on not only creating efficiencies and managing successful projects, but also one that has a passion for creating experiences for brands who are eager to connect with their consumers in more authentic and trustworthy ways.

4 – What is the importance of community?

To me, a successful community brings people together who tolerate differences, support wellbeing, and advocate for fairness, security and peace. My own communities are huge sources of strength. Family and friends; neighbors and work connections; travel buddies who live all around the world. Connecting to people with good core values, different views and unique perspectives gives me a support system that inspires me to continue learning and growing every day.

5 – Any final thoughts?

The 5IVE team and clients have been so welcoming and fun to get to know. I’m excited to be on a team full of hardworking and thoughtful people who truly care about creating meaningful work.