365 Days of Creativity | 2017 Calendar | 5IVE | Minneapolis, MN

365 Days of Creativity

For the last couple of years at 5IVE, we have set out to design a holiday gift inspired by the creative industry for the creative industry. Like most agencies, we love to send out a fun gift to our clients, but we figured why stop there? Why not create something that we can share with both our clients and our peers?

Last year’s award-winning piece was titled “Creative Fortune” – our own take on the classic Fast, Good, Cheap dilemma. This poster illustrates our belief that regardless of the limitations we face, creativity can lead the way. It is also an homage to the creative community in which we thrive and a reminder that good work, good process, collaborative partnerships, and original ideas bring good fortune. The design went on to receive multiple awards and recognitions from the creative industry – a sign that it resonated with our intended audience and a valuable recognition of our team’s talent.

This year we produced “365 Days of Creativity” – a functional calendar designed to keep you organized and inspired all year long with powerful quotes accompanying each month. Once 2017 comes to an end, users will have the ability to flip the calendar over, turning it into a poster.

Last week, we were honored to have our work recognized once again by the creative industry and receive a silver pin award from AdFed at The Show 2017 for this fun project.

Need a cool calendar? We are well stocked with these posters, so feel free to hit us up if you’d like one!