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5 Reasons Small is Good

At 5ive we are proud to be small. We’ve never aspired to be the biggest agency in town, because in our minds bigger does not mean better. Don’t get us wrong – we don’t mean to say that big is bad, we just feel that small is good and here are 5 reasons why…

Small is Simple
Keep It Real. Keep It Simple.

From the work to our agency structure, we believe in keeping things simple and efficient to provide more value with less overhead. It is our direct authenticity that enables us to build a solid foundation for a strong relationship with each and every one of our clients. By keeping it simple we allow for accountability which promotes focus, collaboration and most of all humanity. Working in smaller teams requires everyone to be at their best at all times.

Small is Nimble
Pack Light. Move Fast. Stay Focused.

The small team environment lends itself to clarity and speed by eliminating layers, adding flexibility, and opening channels of direct communication. With less process and fewer levels of approval, teams become more agile and make decisions faster.

“With a small agency like 5IVE we’re not paying for a lot of overhead. We’re not paying for a pool of secretaries and people who are coordinating meetings. We are paying for the talent. From a customer standpoint you are really getting the most for your money when you work with a small organization like 5IVE. The agency is extremely nimble. You don’t get caught up in a lot of bureaucracy. You can go right to the head of the firm and speak directly with them. I think that flexibility and responsiveness is a huge advantage of a small firm that you just don’t see in a large organization.”
– Teresa Morrow, VP, External Relations, The Minneapolis Foundation

Small is Transparent
Less Complication. More Collaboration.

As an underdog in an old and traditional industry we have an open mind and an open door – no fluff, no frills, no secrets, no sales techniques. Our straight forward approach and candid rapport is a reputation that lends itself to stronger and closer collaboration. The creative process is exhilarating, open-ended, and often self-indulgent. Keeping creativity grounded in reality can be challenging. Maintaining transparency in process, eliminating structural barriers, rejecting egos and finding the best solution for the client versus the best idea for a portfolio is our humble yet effective approach.

Small is Personal
Friends > Partners > Vendors

Passion, creativity and drive are personal traits. Brands that thrive have a personal touch in their approach to product development or service delivery. Just like our clients, we look for authentic partnerships. 5IVE is not just another agency or vendor. We are team players and our role is simple: become a trusted business partner for brands who aspire to grow, lead, and remain relevant.

Throughout my career I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of big and small agencies. 5IVE is a small agency with big talent and we’ve developed a trusted relationship. It’s personal. We are going after a shared goal. When you go to work every day and tackle your long to-do list, it’s very powerful to know that there’s somebody a few blocks away sitting in their office thinking about the same things, helping to hold you accountable, give you advice, make sure that you’re staying on track and doing things properly, and always pushing the envelope on how great you can be. That kind of relationship with an agency is priceless.
– Lisa Furman, Marketing & Communications Manager, The Minneapolis Foundation

Small is Powerful
A Little Grit and A Lot of Passion

Small is powerful because the bigger you are the harder you fall. With nothing to lose we don’t dance around the formalities. We get right down to business with an objective perspective. Small allows for a better sense of control with an ability to break free of traditional molds and mindsets.

One of the most important advantages of being small is our ability to maintain a culture of innovation and calculated risk-taking. Working with a small agency provides brands with better results at greater speeds. Status becomes less defined and relationships are more open when both teams are focused on the same goal, not just his or her own responsibilities. This is critically important because the business landscape is changing faster than ever and flexibility is the key to innovation, growth, and relevancy.

As mentioned at the very beginning of this article, we do not feel that small is better or big is bad. The final point we’d like to make here is that small is equal as Will Burns, Contributor to Forbes, points out,

“If your business is at a big NY agency with 1000 people, that does not mean 1000 people are working on your business. Twenty people are probably touching your business across all departments, and that’s the same for a small agency. So this fear of depth, or bench strength, or whatever, is unfounded in my opinion. Small agencies can easily put together the same kind of team for your account. And, better yet, the founders will actually work on your business. Trust me, if you’re an unusually big account for a small agency, the founders will be all over it.”

Simple, nimble, transparent, personal, and powerful – 5IVE is a small agency with a big vision – a humble team with huge ideas. We are small by choice not by chance. Whether you’re a large corporation or a little start-up we can make a major impact together.

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