Miki Mosman

A Story Like No Other

We asked our Creative Content Producer, Miki Mosman to share her thoughts on what inspires her as a creative thinker and storyteller; the role of diversity and inclusion, the power of individual journey and what advice she would give the next generation of creatives.

“Miki brings a level of wisdom and experience that is full of realism, perspective and a multitude of nuances that reflects our purpose as an agency and keeps us grounded in the mission of 5IVE – to connect people, tell authentic stories, reject stereotypes, envision new systems and change narratives. Hiring hybrids and non-industry people should be a requirement and not perceived as a risk. Creative problem solving and communication is essential to our future and the health of the communities we participate in. I prefer the unspoken veterans of life than industry masters to inform and guide our work as a team.”
– Boriana Strzok, Founder

There are many things which inspire and motivate me as a creative thinker. Most often, this inspiration comes in the form of wanting to learn or experience something new, and then share this new knowledge with others. I’m always inspired by stories and what it takes to make a good one. For me, a good story is a blend of truth, tangibility, and relatability. A great story is one that stands the test of time and allows others to see themselves within, which creates a deep connection.

As a creative content producer at 5IVE, I’m excited to dive into every project, contribute and learn something new everyday – new perspectives, discover industries or ways to change existing narratives and how we view, interact with, or listen to others. It’s rewarding to know I get to use my mind and imagination in ways I didn’t think possible.

My journey to the role I have today is not traditional. Some know me as a bar owner, DJ, documentary filmmaker, world traveler and wine aficionado. Others may describe me as a lover of life and a teller of tall tales. But at 52, with no prior agency experience, I find myself welcomed into a world in need of my creative spirit and storytelling abilities. This is not the norm, which is why I’ll never forget one of my first experiences at 5IVE. During a brainstorming session, as we tossed ideas back and forth, suddenly it occurred to me I was sitting at that table because someone wanted to hear what I have to say. Because the voice of an older woman and a person of color mattered and people were interested in my perspective, point of view and ideas. I looked around and realized that I am in a place where free thought and free speech are not only necessary, but encouraged. For me, this is refreshing and important because so often we are taught not to rock the boat or make waves, and yet here I am, in this safe environment, doing just that. At 5IVE everyone can bring their distinctive voice and experience to the table because everyone is valued, equal, and unique.

To work at an agency led by an immigrant woman in a traditionally male-dominated field is exciting, because the defenses are down. I don’t have to explain my point of view because it’s already understood on a basic level. You know, many industries and businesses talk about inclusion and diversity, but very few make those actionable words. And how can one invest in diversity and inclusion if one doesn’t see the value in that investment? I have found a place at 5IVE where my lack of industry experience is an actual asset. Since day one, I’ve been working on projects like Adultification of Black Girls for Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality where I am able to apply my lived experience and not be locked into a rigid role, certain patterns of thinking, or industry perceptions.

I know what it feels like to be devalued, disrespected, and disregarded, not only as a woman, but as a person of color. Perhaps these stigmas and prejudices would change if diversity and inclusion were the norm in the creative industry and not a special part of the hiring process. The more people like me could see themselves reflected in agency teams, the more we could be driven by the universal connectedness of our diverse experiences and ideas, rather than our differences.

In addition, I would tell anyone who is trying to carve out their creative career and in particular women and those from marginalized communities – never give up on your dreams or your ideas. Make sure nothing gets in the way of you pursuing the life you want. Sacrifices are inevitable, but regret doesn’t have to be. No one else should determine how far you can reach or what path you should take when it comes to your abilities or happiness.

Looking at the current state of our world today, as creatives I feel it’s our duty to find ways to unite people. Our opportunities lie in our ability to be sympathetic and vulnerable and our capacity to hold safe spaces for the people we want to reach. Personally, I refuse to live by the “Us VS Them” mentality. I embrace the “Us” approach because there are many people who don’t feel like they belong on either side and instead, are still left marginalized and voiceless.

At 5IVE, I’m proud to work with brands who seek to change perceptions, break barriers, and defy the status quo. Every day I have the unique opportunity to make more people feel valued and included by producing content that shows how much their lives, struggles and ideas matter. The need for relevant, authentic storytelling is greater than ever before and I’m thankful to be working on projects that challenge us to elevate humanity and stay connected.