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James Birr

Talking People, Politics, and Progress with Our New Person

At 5IVE, we are committed to working with cause-driven companies and organizations and our dedication to “do good” in the community attracts a certain caliber of recruit. We are proud to continue building a passionate team of creative change makers who are working to push the envelope and make an impact in other’s lives. One of our most recent hires, James Birr, Project Coordinator & Executive Assistant, sat down with us to share a little bit about himself, his outlook on life, and what attracted him to our team.READ MORE

Noah Portrait

Bringing More Passion and Creative Power to Our Team

For the last few years our team has produced hundreds of videos and content pieces as an effective way to build impactful, authentic and engaged brands. As we continue to expand our creative capabilities as storytellers, we are always looking to bring new talent – creative minds that are not only skillful executors, but also good collaborators who are willing to provide their own unique point of view and apply their diverse experience to the complex issues behind our clients’ goals. READ MORE

Mike Borell

Time for Reflection and Time for Self

Today, one of our most tenured employees Mike Borell reflects on his five-year journey at 5IVE and offers a glimpse into his exciting path forward. We’re sharing excerpts of Mike’s thoughts and mile markers that have carried him through to the present – working with creative intention and fierce passion on breakthrough campaigns as 5IVE’s lead copywriter and video producer.READ MORE