Checking the Box for the Win

Our Check the Box campaign continues to be recognized! This month the campaign received both a gold and bronze Healthcare Marketing Impact Award.

Presented by Modern Healthcare, the Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards were created to recognize campaigns that promote the health of individual patients, groups and communities; advance efforts to deliver high quality, affordable and accessible healthcare; and help organizations thrive and grow in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. Our Check the Box campaign for LifeSource was recognized as the Gold Website Campaign of the Year and the Bronze Integrated Campaign of the Year in the Advocacy category.

“Technology in this day and age means that consumers face a near-constant barrage of marketing messages. That’s made impact especially difficult for marketers. The complexity and regulations that are specific to healthcare bring even bigger challenges,” said Modern Healthcare editor, Aurora Aguilar. “So, when healthcare marketers are able to cut through the noise and make an impression, it should be rewarded. The winners of the 2019 Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards created meaningful and engaging campaigns that connected with their audiences.”

LifeSource is one of the leading Organ Procurement Organizations and the only one in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota that provides life-saving services for people waiting for a transplant. Our campaign invited people who have been directly affected by donation as recipients, donors, and family members to help raise awareness. For the first time in the campaign’s history, we implemented a fully integrated strategy with a robust digital media focus. Ad placement on Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Google Display Network, and YouTube resulted in record breaking online video views and increased engagement. These efforts were complemented with traditional media like radio, TV and out of home – helping normalize the topic and inspire people to act. The campaign website was designed to provide answers, encourage online registration, and inspire visitors with powerful donor stories.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Successfully drove 392,039 users to the website
  • Accumulated 64,911 clicks to register as a donor online with a 16.56% click-through rate
  • The campaign video reached 2,396,044 views on YouTube
  • Via Google Display Network, we garnered 394,862,819 impressions and 301,989 ad clicks
  • On social media we garnered 36,877,112 impressions and 44,240 ad clicks