5IVE | Embracing the Interactive Nature of Philanthropy

Embracing the Interactive Nature of Philanthropy

For 5IVE, working with nonprofit organizations has been both a commitment and deliberate choice. Making nonprofits part of our permanent client landscape allows us to fulfill our values, create work driven by social responsibility and convert our human-centric approach to marketing into a platform where our professional abilities and strong business acumen thrive.

After six months of incubation, content development and design we are proud to launch the latest example of this philosophy: The Minneapolis Foundation OneMpls Community Hub



In the past when a relatively small media budget was spent on traditional advertising without access to measurable outcomes it was hard for our client to measure any tangible results that could inform their strategy moving forward. We wanted a more clear definition of success and a better understanding of how to identify key moments for engagement that could convert a mission statement into long-lasting, results-driven impact. Measuring success online and offline is a vital aspect of our job as a strategic, creative partner. After The Minneapolis Foundation’s 100 year celebration, it was our goal to bring their marketing strategy into the next century by breaking away from traditional media outlets that lack measurable analytics and building a new results-driven strategy.

5IVE | Embracing the Interactive Nature of Philanthropy | OneMpls

The OneMpls Community Hub is an interactive, content-driven platform where visitors can learn, engage, share knowledge, and spread ideas. The goal is to showcase how The Minneapolis Foundation serves the community by providing new perspectives, exciting trends, tips and information about area needs, challenges, and innovation within their six focus areas: Arts, Education, Environment, Economic Vitality, Civic Engagement and Health & Wellness.

Through this new online experience users can discover some of the latest community achievements and see some of the issues that we can work together on solving. It connects the dots between the donors, causes, organizations, and the stories of those affected by the work of The Minneapolis Foundation. OneMpls embodies the meaning of the word community where we can all be active participants in making a better future for the place we call home and beyond.

We designed the OneMpls Community Hub to continuously grow, evolve, and diversify as our client develops new and exciting content.

To experience the interactive hub visit: MplsFoundation.org/OneMplsHub