Kelly Lynch

Fresh Perspectives from New Talent

One of our greatest responsibilities is to offer our clients a fresh perspective – a new way to look at a problem and find a creative solution. We also strive to practice what we preach when it comes to our own internal experiences. With every new team member, we tap into a new world of diverse and unique ideas. Not only do they contribute to our client work, but they contribute to our culture and continued growth as an agency.

With that in mind, we are eager to announce the addition of our newest designer, Kelly Lynch. Read on below to learn a little bit more about Kelly, her talents, and her inspiring perspectives.


Before coming to 5IVE, I was a contract designer at a larger brand agency primarily working on retail clients. I was initially attracted to 5IVE because of the size and ability to produce work that effectively meets the needs of clients. I was also attracted to the mixture of roles and the mutual respect for all opinions and suggestions offered, as well as the team’s collective desire to contribute to cause-driven work and particularly meaningful projects. It’s inspiring to do work that makes a difference. It feels like you are contributing your time and talents in a deeper, more meaningful way.

I’m very interested in human-centric design – the practice of focusing on the people that the design will affect the most and designing from their perspective instead of your own. This necessitates keeping your audience included and involved throughout the entire process to produce the most effective results. For example, design can make complex subjects easier to understand, and can make important systems function better. Design solves everyday problems, and solving everyday problems with ordinary people over time adds up to a greater force of change.

One client I am very excited to work with is CATF because of the data-driven information and educational aspects, as well as their plans to affect climate issues on a global scale. I have always been interested in data visualization, breaking down complex and potentially confusing information into easily understandable graphics, and would love to support such an important cause while learning a lot along the way.

I would describe my own design style as a problem solving process that is always changing and adapting to fit the needs of the current project or client. I like to absorb as much information as I can before diving into the project and source inspiration from the challenge at hand. I love to illustrate and a more distinct style emerges in my personal work, frequently inspired by naturally occurring patterns and textures, as well as the idea of growth and process.

Any final thoughts?
Working at a woman-owned agency means a lot to me. It is empowering to watch women leaders navigate a predominantly male field with such resilience, thoughtfulness, and success. I feel inspired when working with great female role models and it encourages me to look toward pursuing leadership positions in the future. As part of the younger generation in our workforce, I feel that we can add value by bringing fresh ideas, perspectives and innovation to our society, but I believe it is even more important to facilitate collaboration between younger generations and those with more experience to effectively solve problems together.