Malena Thoson

Growing Our Team with a New Head of Project Management

We are excited to welcome Malena Thoson as our new Head of Project Management!

Malena comes to 5IVE with an exciting set of skills, a focus on teamwork, and a killer ability to keep projects organized, optimized and on point. She is a cross-functional project manager and jack of all trades who enjoys cross-stitching, making jewelry, playing bar trivia with friends, volunteering at Boneshaker Books, weightlifting, collecting tattoos, playing Zelda and hiking in her free time.

Learn a little more about Malena from these 5 questions with 5IVE’s newest hire…

1 – What are you most excited about at 5IVE?

I’m excited to use my talents for a client roster that includes so many amazing organizations that I’ve been familiar with and admired for years. I love the process of receiving a brief and mapping out a path to bring it to life, and I love seeing creative ideas bloom and become tangible, effective tactics and solutions. But what I’m truly passionate about is doing my part to help build a world that values kindness, respect, allyship and solidarity. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with these wonderful clients to help put a little more good into the world.

2 – Why did you choose to join a small team?

My work style is highly relational. I’m the most effective when I can get to know everyone I work with and understand their work style, their pace, how they multitask (or not), their strengths and weaknesses and their sense of humor. Working with a small team appealed to me because I can make strong connections with my coworkers. I love the collaborative, community aspect of it.

3 – What is the future of branding?

I anticipate that brands will have to adapt to be more experiential, dimensional and dynamic. Brand identities that don’t translate well to animation, computer generated images, AR and VR will look outdated and obsolete. As the technological foundations of marketing platforms evolve, the future will bring some incredibly interesting developments to how brands are built. The challenge will be keeping humanity and warmth in branding as we dive further and further into the virtual space.

4 – What is the importance of community?

A sense of belonging and safety is such a basic need. Communities create space for people to express and celebrate their interests, their cultures, their stories, and anything else that brings them together. Communities create space for beautiful things to be created and important ideas to grow. Most of all, communities are built on love and provide the reassurance that we’re never really alone. That’s one of the reasons I am so thrilled to be on the team at 5IVE — we focus on building brands that center around accessibility, visibility, and widening the door to help to lead people to safe and supportive communities. Brands that are built around those basic human needs feel authentic, warm, and help to unite us all. The attitude and philosophy about community I’ve found at 5IVE is so unique and exceptional in the creative agency world.

5 – Any final thoughts?

I’m so excited to be part of the team at 5IVE and to get to know all of my amazing coworkers and the incredible clients. Let’s make some timelines!