Sophie Weber

Inspiring Thoughts from Our New Strategist

Strategy informs every decision at 5IVE. From ideation to design, development, production, and beyond. We are avid researchers and collaborators with a thirst for knowledge, understanding, and empathy. When it comes to positioning a client’s business for success and growth, strategy is our guiding star for success.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our new Strategist, Sophie Weber, and share some insight into her own experience and how that has shaped her passion for strategy.


I am a creative strategist working through a diversely informed lens to create effective and educated ideas developed by a variety of perspectives. I recently graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies and an artistic emphasis on documentary photography.

What attracted me to 5IVE was the values – not only within the company itself but also the clients. Working at an agency run by an immigrant woman is something I am extremely excited about. Agencies are places that companies can partner with to expand their brand, market, and reach. They provide a key intersection between products, ideas, consumers, and culture. This puts a lot of weight on these creative spaces to have an internal structure and the capabilities to reflect the diversity of the communities it works with.

Many of the issues our world is facing today are a result of poor strategy. People have prioritized growth in profit over holistic growth for the community and our environment. Strategists must have a deep desire for knowledge in a landscape of diverse thoughts, cultures and ideas. We need more people that are dedicated to understanding, not just knowing, and that have the skills and resources to distill that understanding from multiple perspectives into transformative outcomes. We also need people that are excited to dive deeper into the issues at hand and how others address them. We need to push our minds to be architects for what could be, and not what is. This will require thinkers dedicated to finding truths that are outside of the status quo and universal to the human condition. For these reasons, I believe we are in a phase where strategy is essential to new ideas and a brand’s development.

Outside of creative strategy, the most prevalent of my passions is my documentary photography practice, which combines my interests in both research and art. Currently, I’m studying the ethnographic evolution of the West African religion Ifa, which was the primary religion practiced by the slaves brought to the America’s. I most recently returned from Haiti where I photographed Vodou, which is a practice evolved from this history. The impacts and existence of Ifa continue to be widely unidentified in America’s past and present culture.

Sophie Weber Photography

Sophie Weber Photography

I place a lot of value in learning from a variety of cultures. Within a modern world primarily developed through a lens of Western perspectives, it is important to strive for a new definition of growth that incorporates a broad range of cultural perspectives. I am also passionate about understanding what narratives within the news go untold, and what systems contribute to their suppression on both sides of the political parties within our media systems. Lastly, I am passionate about my nieces and nephews. I have been an aunt since second grade and the development of their minds and understanding what influences them in culture is something I have always taken seriously and enjoyed. One person can provide the pivotal influence that another needs, and I have always tried to be that for them.

What’s your favorite quote or personal motto?
My mom always told me you have friends for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I have found this to be a helpful structure of thought to apply to many different situations in life. It has guided me to identify, in both good and bad moments, that people and things come into your life for a variety of purposes. The value someone provides can take many forms that you may not always anticipate.