Tiffany Hahnfeldt

A Positive Approach From Our New Director of Account & Project Management

Our team is growing and we are very excited to welcome our new Director of Account & Project Management, Tiffany Hahnfeldt, to the 5IVE team! 

Tiffany is someone who sees potential in every situation. As a perceptive, creative person with an engineering mindset, she is passionate about looking for opportunities to make things work better. She prides herself on improving communication, refining systems, and helping others achieve breakthroughs and we look forward to her leadership and approach. Over the years, Tiffany has gained experience working with a variety of clients such as Target, Land O’ Lakes, Ciresi Walburn Foundation, UnitedHealth Group Ventures, Worldwide Orphans, Schwinn, Adult Swim, Minnesota Public Radio, Explore MN Tourism, St. Jude Medical and many more. Outside of the office she loves to spend her time gardening (particularly creating pollinator-friendly habitats), reading, enjoying good food in the company of good friends, practicing yoga and strength training, and being with her family.

We asked her a few questions to learn about what inspires her and why she is excited to join our team.


What inspires you as a creative leader?
I truly enjoy working collaboratively with people, as I believe we each bring something special to the table that elevates the work beyond what one could accomplish alone. I have a broad skill set and the flexibility to work in many capacities to solve problems creatively, and I enjoy working with others who do, as well. As an experienced creative leader, I’ve had the pleasure of working with brands large and small—from start-ups and new ventures, to fortune 50 clients—in education, health care, technology, food, retail, non-profit, entertainment, and more. I’m passionate about making great work possible by bringing people together to solve problems effectively, and by optimizing processes and tools to support high caliber work.

What are you most excited about at 5IVE?
I am thrilled and honored to be working at 5IVE because of the important work we do. Boriana is a visionary leader who is building a new kind of agency focused on values-driven, human-centered work. I put my whole heart into the work I do and enjoy working with nimble but mighty creative, powerhouse teams like the one at 5IVE. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I’m eager to put my efforts into realizing 5IVE’s vision for creating work that will improve lives and communities. 

What is the importance of community?
I once heard someone say, “Your life becomes larger when you become smaller in it,” and that sentiment really stuck with me. I have been fortunate to learn from numerous people whose lives and perspectives have enriched and expanded my own. I think that by seeking and connecting with one another, we uncover stronger, more creative solutions to the challenges we face. When it comes to marketing, I think the strongest brands in the future will recognize and fulfill their responsibility to the community and to future generations, and will leave the world a better place than they found it. 

Who is your greatest inspiration?
My maternal grandmother was an inspiration to me. She was a photographer and opened her own portrait studio during the Great Depression, which she ran successfully for decades at a time when professional opportunities for women were much more limited. As a single mother, she overcame many difficulties to create a successful business and a joyful childhood for her two daughters. Whenever I face a difficult challenge, I try to channel her tenacity and resilience.

Do you have a personal motto?
A sense of humor (to keep you grounded) and a willingness to be vulnerable (to keep you flexible) will help you through most challenges.