Allison Rolinger

Say Hello to Our New Designer – Allison

5IVE is excited to welcome our new Designer, Allison Rolinger!

Allison is an up-and-coming design all-star whose background in both digital and traditional design, as well as her killer illustration skills, make her a great addition to our team. Born and raised in Iowa, she brings with her an unparalleled Midwestern can-do work ethic, positive energy and powerful humility. Her many talents are elevated by her natural drive to create, explore, and learn. She’s not only a great designer, but also a true team player and partner.

Learn a little more about Allison from these 5 questions with 5IVE’s newest hire…

1 – What excites you most about the work at 5IVE?
The most exciting part about working at 5IVE is seeing a project take off. It’s really satisfying knowing that I have contributed to a brand that is meaningful and successful.

2 – Why did you choose to join a small team?
This was a big selling point for me when I interviewed with 5IVE. Small teams promote productivity, engagement and transparency. We are able to build amazing brands without the roadblocks that a larger team may have. In the short time that I’ve been here, I already feel like a big part of the team.

3 – How did you first get into design?
In college, a friend of mine saw my work and suggested that I take a few art classes. As soon as I started taking design classes, I was hooked. I started seeing design everywhere around me and realizing it’s importance and presence in the world. I’m excited to be a part of that now.

4 – What is the future of branding?
Branding goes beyond one-dimensional thinking. The future of branding is embracing every angle of the brand experience. It’s about making intentional human connections. By knowing when and how to effectively communicate, we can make an impact.

5 – What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of design?
If it’s outdoors, I am all about it! Golf is one of my favorite ways to spend time outside and it allows me to channel my competitive side. I also love traveling to the National Parks with my family for hiking and biking.