Derek Skar

Say Hey to Derek – Our New Production Designer

5IVE is excited to welcome our new Production Designer, Derek Skar!

Derek brings his skills and his smile to every project. From photo production to design layouts and system organization, he exuberates a passion for perfection and productivity ensuring work appears both professional and handled with care. His multicultural background, ability to multi-task and his diverse set of technical and researching skills make him a valuable asset. Outside of design, Derek has a passion for drawing, photography, fashion, music, and advocacy.

Learn a little more about Derek from these 5 questions with 5IVE’s newest hire…

1 – How did you first get into design?
At a very young age, I began to draw and my parents have always been very supportive of my art. They knew it wasn’t just a hobby, but a true passion. I studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the Advertising and Marketing program while continuing to focus on my designs. Much of my early work was influenced by my passion for fashion.

2 – Why did you choose to join a small team?
The previous agency that I worked at was small as well. It feels like home and there’s not such a wide void between everyone working together. It makes communication and work run more efficiently.

3 – What are you most excited about at 5IVE?
5IVE has fostered many brands and it will be interesting to see our work develops over time. I also admire our drive to team up with brands that have a direct impact on the community. We pride ourselves on many principles – one being to contribute.

4 – What is the importance of community?
Community is so important and Minneapolis is a community I am proud to be a part of. I lived in Chicago for a while and things were not as close knit. It’s good to be home, because this community is very welcoming.

5 – Who is your greatest inspiration?
I really look up to Alexander Mcqueen and James – my partner in crime.

Final Thought
I am very excited to join this team and extremely fortunate. It’s a great change of pace and the environment is so open, welcoming, and collaborative!