James Birr

Talking People, Politics, and Progress with Our New Person

At 5IVE, we are committed to working with cause-driven companies and organizations and our dedication to “do good” in the community attracts a certain caliber of recruit. We are proud to continue building a passionate team of creative change makers who are working to push the envelope and make an impact in other’s lives. One of our most recent hires, James Birr, Project Coordinator & Executive Assistant, sat down with us to share a little bit about himself, his outlook on life, and what attracted him to our team.


Before coming to 5IVE, I worked at TakeAction Minnesota, an organization working on economic, racial, and gender justice across the state of Minnesota. As a Membership Coordinator, I worked with a team of people to develop the organization’s membership through direct contact, events, and fundraising campaigns. In this role, I learned so much about the political identity of Minnesotans and what it truly takes to move an advocacy campaign from beginning to end.

I’m excited to join 5IVE and work with a team of passionate people who place so much value on group decision making and finding solutions together. In a field dominated by men, I’m thrilled to join a team that is majority women and owned by an immigrant woman. The diversity of experience in the 5IVE office is important to building something unique and different for our clients. Not only can you feel that in the work 5IVE puts out, but you can feel it in the office and in our team. I want to have a positive experience at my job and I want to work with people who feel the same way. If you don’t enjoy your job, you’re not going to be good at it. So I’m dedicated to creating an office environment that’s open and inclusive, where everyone feels like they can share their ideas without judgement.

I’m part of a younger generation that sees the world in a different way. We have new technology, we communicate in a completely new way, and we’ve experienced major world events that fifty years ago were probably unimaginable. These different experiences inform how we view and change the world. 5IVE is focused on people and I feel that cause-driven, human-centric work is essential because without it we are just creatures of desire, separate from the world at large. Work that centers around people is important because too often preference is given to success or money or status, not people. Too often we can be so lost in the myriad of our lives that we can lose sight of the real issues and traumas that consume so many. Work that is driven by human dignity is essential to bettering the world, even if it makes us uncomfortable in the process.

So, what do you like to do outside of work for fun?
My original passion has always been for film and cinema, from early silent films to the newest releases. Watching a movie has always been a special experience for me and I love sharing that experience with others. Really, there’s nothing better than seeing a movie with an audience that’s fully invested in what’s happening on screen.

Beyond film, I love to create through writing, whether it’s short stories, film reviews, or screenplays and scripts. I love telling stories and I love seeing the effect those stories can have on people.