Ad Fed The Show 2020 Awards

The Show 2020: Life is meaningful. Awards can be too.

Winning big at this year’s AdFed The Show taking home six awards including Best in Show!

AdFed’s theme for this year’s show was Life is meaningless. The Show isn’t. At 5IVE, our work is centered around humanity, not awards, but the recognition from our community is definitely meaningful to our team. We were honored to receive six awards including Best in Show for Public Service:


Best in Show – Best of Public Service:
Adultification Bias – Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality

Receiving the Best of Show award for this project was an honor and a true testament to why we work with clients like The Georgetown Law Center on Poverty. Using our creativity and skills to unpack complex issues and amplify the need for solutions is what makes our work on cause-driven projects so rewarding. This video highlights the negative effects of adultification bias – the perception of Black girls as less innocent and more adult-like than white girls of the same age – and helps raise awareness around the need to eliminate this prejudice behavior. Our goal was to humanize the issue, spark new conversations, and reflect a reality that is far too often ignored and normalized.

Bronze – Pro Bono Online Film, Video & Sound:
Explore the Possibilities – Dakota County Library

In 2019, we had the privilege to create Dakota County Library’s first-ever integrated awareness campaign and flip the script on what goes down at the Library with digital advertising and video content that’s up-beat, engaging, and creative. Using insights, data, and in-depth research we built a creative strategy that set up this fun campaign for success. Through visual storytelling, we invited the community to explore the possibilities and discover what today’s Library really has to offer. We ran ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network, and YouTube which drove traffic to the site and helped change perceptions, raise awareness, and connect the Library with a diverse audience of past, current, and new users.

This would not be an award winning campaign if it wasn’t for our ongoing partnership with the digital gurus at Rank Crankers and the power house team at Howdy Gang!

4 Pins for UnRestrict Minnesota

Last year we had the opportunity to collaborate with a new coalition of organizations who aim to raise awareness about Minnesotans access to reproductive care. Our approach – use engaging graphics, bold illustrations, and visual storytelling to grab people’s attention and provide relevant information. We are proud to have this work recognized with multiple awards by our creative peers.

UnRestrict Minnesota Ads


We’d like to thank our local creative community and AdFed for all of their work and the recognition of our own.

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