The Show 2018 Awards

The Stars Align at the Show

As most of our friends know, the team at 5IVE has an interest in astrology. So it was only natural that the stars aligned for us at this year’s zodiac themed AdFed awards show – The Signs Don’t Lie. We are proud to have taken home three silver awards in two different categories: Packaging & Self-Promo.

Check out the award winning work below!

Virgin Islands Craft Distillers

Silver – Packaging – Sir Francis Rum
Silver – Packaging – 3 Queens Gin

Last year we launched this brand and took home two awards in 2017 for our logo design and writing. We are very excited to keep the momentum going in 2018 by receiving two more awards for the package design work we’ve done on the client’s new spirits. After surviving two of the most devastating hurricanes, we are proud to support the strong spirited people of St. Thomas and provide some hope for the future.

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Silver – 5IVE Card Draw
It’s a tradition at 5IVE for us to create a holiday gift for the creative industry inspired by the creative industry. It seems to be a tradition for these gifts to win some awards as well. We are very happy to have completed a hat trick in receiving awards for our self-promo work three years in a row!

The Show 2018 Awards

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