Employee Benefits

Two Steps in the Right Direction

Breaking molds and re-setting traditional mindsets. This is 5IVE’s signature approach on any given day as our nimble team strategizes, creates and reinvents on behalf of our clients to further their success. Today, we’re holding up the mirror.

Yep. We’re excited to debut two progressive employee benefit policies, which underscore the value placed on flexibility, family and a favorable future. And in our minds, they, too, qualify as mold-breaking. Perhaps they shouldn’t – but unfortunately our work-life balance is off-kilter as American society lags behind other countries when it comes to paid parental leave. In 2016, 24 percent of U.S. employees within management and professional occupations had access to paid family leave – less than one in four.

To address this discrepancy head on, and as a woman-owned business 5IVE now offers a six-month paid parental leave policy. Just think how many more moments parents can share with their newest family additions! If you went back and re-read that first line in the paragraph, you’re not alone. The policy recognizes employees that may need to be absent from work to care for a newborn or a newly adopted child or foster child. The benefit includes 12 weeks of paid leave and an additional 12 weeks paid at 55% of salary, with an option to work part-time or full-time from home during this time.

The second policy, a one-month paid sabbatical celebrating five years of service, presents our tenured team members with the gift of time. When employees reach their five-year marker, they’re free to detach from their devices, to-do lists and 5IVE responsibilities for one full month with benefits coverage intact, including paid vacation time. We see this raising the bar across industries, considering on average employees receive 15 days of paid vacation after 5 years of service. We’re proud to topple those numbers.

Both policies are a natural evolution of our independent-minded approach to work paired with the agency’s deeply-rooted values of compassion, humanity and action. As a small business, 5IVE is not required legally to offer paid parental leave. However, if you know Boriana Strzok, our CEO and founder, you know her mantra: change outdated norms, fight the status quo and act.

“Supporting employees to create and nurture their families, and themselves is not an area for compromise,” Boriana explained. “I wanted to make a positive difference internally at 5IVE, because beyond measure, our employees are our greatest asset and they should know their contributions are valued.”

“I grew up in Bulgaria which has some of the best parental leave policies in the world,” she said. “For me, nobody should ever have to choose between their job or starting a family. I spent six months in the NICU with my daughter and knew that nobody in the agency world would pay me to take this time off to be with my child. Regardless of the situation, as a woman I’m excited to support employees who wish to raise a family through six-months of paid parental leave. And, the one-month sabbatical is a genuine gesture of gratitude and an opportunity for longtime employees to nurture individual growth.”