Shawn Andros

Welcoming Shawn – Our New Motion Graphics Designer

We are so excited to welcome Shawn Andros as our new Motion Graphics Designer!

He is a long-time collaborator with 5IVE whose partnership has been a vital part of many projects in the last 3 years. His passion for bringing visual storytelling to life along with his calm personality and great sense of humor is something everyone on our team both loves and admires. With a strong background in 2D animation, 3D animation, editing, and concept art, Shawn brings a variety of skills to the table and the screen. While waiting for his renders, you can find Shawn painting a picture, playing his guitar, or cheering his favorite Twin Cities team on to victory.

Learn a little more about Shawn from these 5 questions with 5IVE’s newest hire…

1 – How did you first get into video production?

My career in motion graphics actually stems from an interest in visual effects for film. As a kid, I was very curious about practical and digital “movie magic”. I even experimented with replicating effects on an old VHS camera. I learned a lot about both VFX (visual effects) and motion graphics in college and I believe the two fields benefit each other. Because of this, it was an easy transition for me to focus on graphic animation.

2 – Who is your greatest inspiration?

I’m inspired by other creators, my peers and my family. There are many great motion designers out there setting the bar pretty high so I like to be wowed by new material in order to keep up with trends and to set my own. Andrew Kramer is a visual effects master that I follow. For film and storytelling, I like the works of Christopher Nolan, the Coen brothers, and Steven Spielberg.

3 – What is the future of video content?

Good question. There are so many different ways to utilize video. I’m always looking for the latest trends and new tech releases. I’m curious to see how video content can become more interactive. It is such an important platform for information and engagement, particularly in the advertising realm as it is key communication tool.

4 – Why did you choose to join a small team?

As a motion graphics designer and video editor, smaller teams are great for collaboration and immediate feedback. I also believe it’s more efficient to have fewer, but higher quality channels to filter ideas through within the production pipeline. It’s very important to have a solid sense of community whether it’s on a big or small scale, to help one another grow and understand we’re stronger when working together. I really enjoy 5IVE’s team and the work we’ve done together in the past – it feels like I’ve been part of their community for awhile now.

5 – Any final thoughts?

I really look forward to further developing my skills, creating stunning content, and growing professionally within a team of high-caliber creatives. I’m very excited and want to thank everyone for welcoming me!