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Move Minnesota

Move Minnesota is an organization leading the movement for an equitable transportation system in Minnesota that puts people first.

The Challenge

Develop a new brand identity for two merging organizations with an ambitious goal to build a bold, inclusive, and powerful movement for transportation options in Minnesota.

The Solution

The creative team was inspired by Move Minnesota’s mission to break barriers, open new channels for collaboration, and spark paradigm shifts that place people of all backgrounds at the center of decision making. We started with a comprehensive brand architecture, which informed the creative direction for the new identity and name – Move Minnesota. The new tagline “People first. Mode second.” emphasizes the human and community focus of the brand. Humanity, action, and progress were the guiding principles behind the typographic choices and color scheme of the logo – giving it personality and a unique character. The brand launch was complete with a new website and a set of collateral materials that will serve the organization as they move forward into the future.

Move Minnesota Logo Design
Move Minnesota | 5IVE | Stationery Design | Minneapolis, MN
Move Minnesota | 5IVE | Brand Design | Minneapolis, MN
Move Minnesota Brand Imagery
Move Minnesota | 5IVE | Brand Design | Minneapolis, MN
Move Minnesota | 5IVE | Website Design | Minneapolis, MN