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Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is the first and largest statewide women’s community foundation in the country with a mission to invest in innovation to drive gender equity in Minnesota.

The Challenge

Design and develop a visual communications strategy and narrative for the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota – the foundation’s latest effort which aims to build equity in outcomes for young women in our state, allowing them to lead safe, prosperous lives.

The Solution

Understand the bigger picture. Showcase the smaller stories. By diving in deep and digging up the details we were able to elaborate on the large scale and great importance of this effort while keeping it human by highlighting personal stories. The bold, optimistic, and inviting design unifies the broad reach of this long-term endeavor. By simplifying and consolidating the facts, figures, stories, and strategies we were able to craft a strong and resonant toolkit of collateral materials for the foundation to utilize while gearing up and recruiting for the initiative to launch.

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By focusing on the personal stories of young women in Minnesota we were able to share on a granular level how the work of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is making an impact and the need for continued support from the community. Our finishing touch of the YWI logo puts the final stamp on this initiative before going public to solidify its importance and bring it to life.

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A Driving Force for Gender Equity

The Foundation is a true leader and innovator in the space of gender and racial equity. The validity of their ideas is supported by in-depth research which gives them the ability to examine, persuade and put in place new models for long-term impact and systems change. The topic of gender equality and equity can be sensitive and it demands public awareness, education and collective effort to move forward. Our strategy was to highlight the facts, engage the audiences and create a cohesive brand experience across all platforms. Videos and original content presented the YWI of MN in a way that is engaging, progressive and relevant.

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