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About us

As an independent, woman-owned, social-impact creative agency, we are on a mission to partner with leaders, teams and communities to develop innovative solutions, solve complex issues and build better systems for human progress. We specialize in brand development and communication strategy, positioning, design systems, integrated campaigns, philanthropy and thought leadership.

The driving force
behind our work

Since 2010, our purpose has remained the same – provide services that enable change, create value, connect people, and build brand relevance. We choose to work with independent, socially-conscious and human-centric brands – the disruptors, the game changers, the startups, and the leaders who see the need for transformation towards a world that is sustainable, more empathetic and community-oriented.

Whether you are changing the world or changing your industry, we are here to partner with those who care to make a difference.

5 Guiding Principles

Respect: Respect for the human experience informs our strategies and is essential for the integrity of creative ideas.

Learn: Curiosity, knowledge sharing and diversity of thought fuels our approach to solution design and thought leadership.

Collaborate: Collaboration and inclusivity fuels our partnership style and process.

Communicate: Prioritizing authenticity and transparent communication leads to productive partnerships and clarity.

Empathize: Leading every project and relationship with empathy allows us to develop products, campaigns and brands that are centered on humanity and impact.

Our key areas of expertise

Brand Development

Brand development is the process of creating engaging narratives and visual systems that connect, inspire and grow audience participation. We believe that brands are constantly evolving, which requires a contextual approach to communication, visualization and audience representation. Branding is about creating experiences and a reflection of the unique expertise, aspirations and interactions that bring a vision to life. We build brands that are functional, exciting and agile.


Brands are powerful, contextual systems that require ongoing self-evaluation, awareness of audience needs, and clear business goals. By focusing on consumer insights and brand differentiation, we develop strategies that leverage opportunities, increase engagement, establish social integration and solidify support. We provide clients with competitive advantages and strategic solutions that lead to growth, visibility and strong positioning.

Interactive Experience

In today’s digital world, being connected and part of a conversation is constant. Developing meaningful experiences is at the core of our communication strategies. Using in-depth research and analytics, we enable our clients to cut through the clutter and connect with consumers at the right moments with the right messaging.

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

Albert Einstein

Our team

5IVE was founded by Boriana Strzok in 2010 with the simple goal of breaking barriers and disrupting the status quo by supporting brands that prioritize human connection and positive change.

From opera singers to golf pros, anthropology to paradigm shifts, nonprofits to corporate giants, and complex ideas to systems transformation, 5IVE is about all 5 senses and everything in between.

We are community-centric, socially-conscious, business-savvy, creatively-rebellious insight seekers who are always ready for a challenge, a productive collaboration, a good day of hard work and a healthy dose of laughter.

“5IVE takes no shortcuts; they conduct rigorous research which lays the foundation for successful, game-changing communication campaigns. In a crowded, noisy information environment where users are bombarded with messages, 5IVE helped us find our unique voice and refine our brand. They were able to determine exactly where we needed to be in that environment to achieve our communication objectives.”

Chad G. Carroll, Executive Director, Donate Life Texas

Our clients

We partner with leading organizations, activists, businesses and philanthropies.

ACLU Minnesota
Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota
Clean Air Task Force
Center for Reproductive Rights
Donate Life Texas
Gender Justice
Georgetown Law
Great Plains Institute
Just Detention
Keep Our Clinics
Move Minnesota
Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative
Partnership for Equitable & Resilient Communities
Riverland Bank
United Way
Unrestrict Minnesota
United States of Care
Women's Foundation of Minnesota
YWCA Minneapolis