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Clean Air Task Force Awareness Campaign

Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is on a mission to get to a high-energy, zero-emissions planet at an affordable cost.

Every year, the global energy system produces almost 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions — pushing the planet toward irreversible climate tipping points. Reducing global greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero, while increasing energy access to billions of people living in energy poverty, is a massive challenge. Clean Air Task Force (CATF) works to rapidly reduce emissions while advancing bold, durable climate solutions that meet the scale and size of the challenge. As an emerging global leader, the organization needed to expand its reach, solidify its positioning and establish a strong share of voice regionally and globally.

At the end of 2021, 5IVE launched CATF’s first-ever integrated brand awareness campaign and developed a comprehensive brand strategy to increase visibility, deepen engagement and drive support.

New Visual Narrative

CATF is on a mission to develop a new blueprint for climate action centered on a diversified portfolio of technology and policy solutions. To separate the brand from the rest of the “climate noise” and “cliche” narratives, the creative team developed a unique set of blueprint visuals incorporating typography and graphic elements.

The blueprint approach to the graphic treatment of the creative executions allowed flexibility and the opportunity to develop visualizations that hit multiple key points: show technological advancement and ingenuity; link policy objectives to reality-based solutions, giving CATF’s brand its own place in an array of traditional environmental NGOs; and anchoring the brand as systems thinking with design-forward sensibilities.

Humans are a big part of the problem.
They’re also the solution.

The use of images lets people connect and identify their role as active climate and knowledge advocates. Showing a broad range of people in combination with stats and persuasive data points or headlines allowed for the campaign to appear fresh, expand the shelf life and allow for testing.

Embracing the organization’s honest broker DNA, the campaign was designed to appeal to people ages 5 to 75+ who care to be different, value independent thinking and entrepreneurial startup mentality, and are not afraid to explore new possibilities that reflect CATF’s belief that we can only solve climate by applying every lever available – looking at the problem through an inclusive lens of financial, technological and policy optionality.


of traffic to the website in 2022 resulted from paid campaigns with only 15% coming from organic traffic.

1.2 million

new users visited CATF’s website in 2022 as a result of paid campaigns.


was the average time spent by users on the paid campaign landing pages.

Every minute, 3 people visited the website for the first time.

Campaign Results

The campaign was initially launched in the U.S. and expanded at the end of 2022 into Africa and Europe where the organization is establishing its new footprint.

As the campaign gained momentum, we were excited to see a significant traffic increase to CATF’s website and record-breaking engagement rates like time-on-site and click-through rates which allowed us to meet all of the campaign KPIs and deliver long-lasting results.

“Our goal was to present CATF as a futurist organization determined to use evidence-based solutions along with realistic and non-ideological approaches to solving the most urgent challenge of our time.”

Allison Rolinger, Creative Director, 5IVE
Clean Air Task Force campaign ad
highway system

8 of 10

pages with the highest page views on site are campaign landing pages

268 million

impressions across YouTube, Google Display and Discover, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meta, and Reddit


increase in user sessions to Clean Air Task Force’s site year or year

Clean Air Task Force campaign landing page

People searching for CATF drove 40% of donations online with record breaking CTR at 25.71%.

Advocacy Expansion

The organization’s approach to advocacy and solutions design required us to go outside of the traditional climate box and focus on a subset of target categories, interests and platform engagement approaches. The challenge? To simultaneously disrupt the status quo approach to climate campaigns while hedging risk to preserve and elevate the organization’s brand reputation across completely new markets.

Brand Recall Study

To establish a strong baseline and ability to measure success, we commissioned a brand recall study in January of 2022 which included competition insights, industry knowledge polling and a net promoter score ranking. The 2021 study showed a net promoter score of -10.

A year later, a repeat study showed a significant increase in brand recognition and awareness resulting in 26 points increase of CATF’s net promoter score and unaided brand recall.

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