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11 Wells Spirits

Founded on the historical Hamm’s brewery site, 11 Wells Spirits combines modern craft with local heritage to develop spirits that never run dry.

The Project

Ecgberht of Kent American Gin Packaging

The Challenge

Design a fresh and timeless look for this American-Style Gin made from Minnesota grains.

The Solution

Embrace the spirit of the past to create a future for this new product. Inspired by local history and iconic architecture the label design incorporates textures, geometry, and graphic embellishments. The colors were selected to complement the brand and allow the bottle to stand out amongst other gin bottles on the shelf. The geometric architectural aspects were combined with the organic shapes of the botanicals to reflect the subtleties, detail and craft that goes into the distilling process. The final touch of silver foil and textural aspect of the embossing brings a modern shimmer to the bottle pushing the brand credo – Embrace your history. Create your future.


Graphic Design USA, American Package Design Award

AdFed The Show, Gold Award, Packaging

HOW Design, Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Winner

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