Donate Life Midwest Campaign

Donate Life Midwest

Donate Life is the national brand for the lifesaving and healing cause of donation. Managed by LifeSource, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation in the Upper Midwest.

The Challenge

Increase the number of people registered as organ, eye and tissue donors in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota and inspire conversations about the topic and benefits of donation.

The Solution

Discussing organ, eye and tissue donation doesn’t come easy. By sparking conversation, challenging stereotypes and normalizing the topic, we began to educate people that anyone can check the box and register to be a donor. Myths are commonly held as truth around donation and many wrongfully disqualify themselves as eligible donors due to reasons such as age, lifestyle, health and religion. By featuring real people, donors, recipients, and their families, we highlighted the power of personal stories and the fact that despite their differences, people are often united by their humanity. It’s as simple as checking the box.

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70% of the campaign participants have been directly affected by donation as either recipients or family members of recipients. Everyone featured is a registered organ donor.

Donate Life Website Design

The campaign launched with a newly designed website in April to honor National Donate Life Month. The website features powerful donor stories and simple tools to register online or by mail.


Donate Life Check the Box Campaign

“Organ donation is a very personal subject that hits at the core of what it means to be human. With this spot, we wanted to flip the script, challenge perceptions and most importantly inspire people to see that at the end of day we are all united by our desire to live and help one another. What makes this campaign so authentic is the people behind it. The clients, the participants, the crew and the creatives all came together as one to create something bigger than any individual and share it with our community.”

– Boriana Strzok, Creative Director

Our campaign will run for the next year in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota with media placement on television, radio, and OOH accompanied by a robust digital and social media strategy.

Post-launch Campaign Results

LifeSource Campaign Result Stat

LifeSource Campaign Result Stat

LifeSource Campaign Result Stat

LifeSource Campaign Result Stat

LifeSource Campaign Result Stat

LifeSource Campaign Result Stat

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