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Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative

A coalition of partners on a mission to advance nuclear hydrogen as a critical climate solution on the path to decarbonizing the global energy system.

The Project

We were asked to develop the brand identity for this new multi-industry initiative and reflect the tremendous opportunities that nuclear technology has to produce zero-carbon fuels like hydrogen and ammonia which are needed to decarbonize our energy system. The branding objective was to connect the dots between these new coalition players and develop a visual system that supports the potential of nuclear technologies to produce hydrogen in a clean, efficient manner, and at the potential scale required to drive emissions reduction in hard-to-abate energy sectors. Lastly, the purpose of the initiative was to build consensus and nurture new partnerships between various cross-sector stakeholders who might be interested in building a shared vision and could help advance this work.

The Challenge

Developing a brand for this new initiative required us to look into the technological advancements of energy production, yet derive inspiration from the simplicity of the individual elements, fluidity of the process and collaborative nature of the purpose.

The Solution

Understanding the intersections of influence alongside the technical requirements of the process led us to take on a design approach that emphasized a tech-forward look and feel that is defined by clean, simple lines and centered on the importance of the circular economy and structural characteristics of the creation of the hydrogen molecule as the ultimate outcome of this initiative.

We utilized simple, sans serif fonts to express the boldness behind the mission and selected a color palette that can contract and expand as a supportive guide in the overall brand narrative. Complex concepts and processes are distilled within the power of the circle which bounces from the dot in the letter “i” to the bigger abstract of the coalition building approach and collective positioning.

We worked with a diverse set of clients to ensure the branding is appropriate and it fits the initiative’s mission of advancing nuclear hydrogen as a critical climate solution that addresses the gaps in the global energy system.

The dot was applied further in the visual language of the brand as a starting point and a period to communicate the need for awareness and technological advancements.

The Website

Once the identity was established, we designed a website that allows the niche audience behind this initiative to highlight resources and present opportunities for strategic communication with the initiative members and leaders in the space.

Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative brand design

Expanding and testing the capabilities of the brand beyond the logo and website was a key step in our process to ensure that the branding can meet the needs of this emerging influencer. Swag and other strategic and scientific collateral was designed to show the cohesive application of the brand.

At the end, we provided a simple brand style guide, visual set of iconography and other assets to support the successful launch and implementation of this important work.

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