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PerryUndem is a boutique, public opinion firm that works with leaders in various areas of the social justice movement. They use data and research to uncover truths, identify trends, build new narratives, and elevate the value of human experience as a driving force for change.

The Project

Brand strategy, identity and website design

The Challenge

Audit the history and current state of the brand and develop comprehensive brand strategy and visual identity. The goal was to design a brand identity system that better reflects the bold essence of PerryUndem’s work and progressive vision of the firm’s founders to set new standards around the role of public opinion collection, analysis and communication, especially when it comes to social issues like health equity, immigration, gender and racial justice.

The Solution

Confidence born out of simplicity and factual accuracy. In a world where statistics are often presented void of accessible narratives, gathering and using data as part of deeper human stories is an art form that very few public opinion research firms possess. PerryUndem’s new brand identity was designed to serve both their reputation as one-of-a-kind truth seekers and bold storytellers who understand the importance of data as a tool for information, persuasion and change in public opinion.

“When looking at their work, we found inspiration in the fact they were not afraid to take on such complex and challenging topics like abortion and reproductive rights without getting distracted by the messy politics. There was something revolutionary about their purpose that needed to come out through the brand not only as an expression of their conviction, but also as a statement of their authority and unique approach.”

Boriana Strzok, Founder & Creative Director, 5IVE
PerryUndem website design

The End Result

A brand identity that is clean, simple and bold, yet understated to allow for the human stories behind the data to emerge more powerful and confident.

The new colors, fonts and visual elements allow for more flexibility to scale down without getting lost or going big when the data should not be ignored. Beautiful images of people are complemented by the easy to navigate web architecture and content structure of the new website allowing visitors to quickly find information and explore. Based on the brand strategy we developed, new case studies were developed for the site to showcase the true value of the firm as a partner to movements, coalitions and organizations working to promote systems change.

PerryUndem brand and presentation design

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