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Ultra Machining Company (UMC)

For the past 50 years, Ultra Machining Company has partnered with leading original engineering manufacturers to design, launch and produce products that enhance people’s lives.

Ultra Machining Company

The Project

Brand refresh and website design

The Challenge

Bring a 50-year-old, family-owned manufacturing company into the future by establishing their reputation as an industry innovator and setting them on a path to success for the next 50 years.

The Solution

Through a brand refresh and the development, design and production of new marketing materials, we set a new standard for the visual language and storytelling of UMC – one that is reflective of the innovative, human values the company is built upon. These efforts not only support the growth of UMC externally, but also optimize the brand making it easier for UMC to address the industry labor shortage by promoting job opportunities for machinists, operators and people with vocational education.

UMC Manifesto

Since the dawn of time, people have developed the tools to push progress for humankind, improving our quality of life. For the last 50 years, somewhere between the marriage of man and machine, UMC has been the place for innovation, precision and optimal success. From a small garage to a bright state of the art facility, our tight-knit team is the best in the business of tight tolerances and fine machining.

True to our name, we are ultra-dedicated because, for us, it’s always been about “going beyond others.” From the heights of the Mars rover to the backbone of our community, we lead with a can-do attitude and loyalty to the values of integrity, family and hard work. Together, we look forward with respect for the past and ambition to envision a future where new technology and human ingenuity provide jobs, solutions and superior products. There’s no tolerance we cannot meet and there’s no challenge we cannot conquer.

We solve problems. We save lives. We are UMC.

Brand Video

To set the tone for UMC’s new voice, our team produced an inspiring brand video highlighting the people, the technology and the expertise behind the brand.

Website Redesign

We developed a new website for UMC designed to raise credibility, fuel recruitment and support an in-depth content marketing strategy led by 5IVE.

Ultra Machining Company website redesign

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