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United States of Care

United States of Care is on a mission to bridge the partisan divide to create a people-centered healthcare system. A website redesign created a platform to transform advocacy and build interactions.

The Project

Redesign the organization’s website, one of the most important channels for communication and engagement.

The Challenge

United States of Care is on a mission to ensure that everyone has access to quality, affordable health care regardless of health status, social need or income. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many organizations to re-envision how they provide convenient, accessible content that best meets the value and purpose of their brand and the needs of their audiences. In particular, the healthcare sector experienced unprecedented levels of scrutiny and hyper attention. United States of Care was at the policy frontlines of complex issues that required a website to serve as the organization’s gateway to resources, research, analysis and access to experts that could be navigated by policymakers, hospital partners and other advocacy organizations. Prioritizing the design and implementation of smart, pragmatic and common-sense policies during the pandemic required new ways of thinking and an approach that put people at the center of decision-making and care.

The Solution

As a fairly new organization that was still building its brand and reputation, we partnered with the leadership team to provide strategic brand development and communication services to inform every step of the user experience, design and development process. Understanding the core value proposition and purpose of the organization allowed us to draft audience journeys and design a website architecture and navigation that provides the structural framework for a cohesive, yet flexible flow of dynamic content and rapidly changing narrative. The process behind the website architecture development was used as a tool to enhance how the organization structures and communicates about its work, allowing us to produce a website and other collateral materials that truly represent the work and impact of the people who want to see progress and change in the way the health care system works.

Centering people in the policy design process

One of the key activities United States of Care prioritizes in their advocacy is listening to people, lifting their voice and amplifying their lived experiences with the healthcare system. We produced a video that illustrates the disconnect between policy design and people’s experiences, highlighting the need for a more accessible, inclusive and people-centered approach.

United States of Care website icon design

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